Websites for parts and services for building things

Parts and raw materials:

The BEST source. Ever. Period. But fairly expensive:

They’ve got metal (cheap metal but expensive shipping; limited selection of sizes; pretty good alloy selection):

More metal (haven’t bought from them yet; looks like a great size selection; medium pricing):

Ball bearings (great selection for basic bearings; super cheap):

More ball bearings (haven’t bought from them yet; mediocre website; interesting selection):

Super cheap composites, mainly carbon fiber (mediocre website; nice customer support; dirt cheap carbon fiber; good selection):

Cheap Surplusy stuff (haven’t bought from them yet; looks super cheap):

Super cheap RC parts (they have a Chinese warehouse as well as an American warehouse; generally good quality parts; good forum type comment system; often prone to long backorders):

When you can’t find what you need anywhere else… (oh and they have some books too):

It’s best to try to not give into the FIRST corporate machine whenever possible, but sometimes…

Robot motors and wheels:

Robot parts (haven’t bought from them yet; looks like good selection; good community of customers):

If you want awesome interface electronics, look here (great LED items, screens, and other high level electronics parts and kits):

Huge selection of high level hobby electronics (high margins; slightly non-techy feel; bad product specs):

Electric scooter parts (just like what it says on the tin):

Bolts, so many bolts (haven’t bought from them yet; looks cheap; huge selection):

Services (haven’t tried any of these yet):

Laser cutting of thinish materials:

Waterjet cutting:

3D printing (expensive):

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